Kay’s Workshop and Book Now Available!

Join Kay Diller as she shows you how to plan your will and other essential documents and to work with professionals to get organized and protected in case of a medical emergency. Gain the peace of mind that comes when you and your loved ones are protected to the best of your ability.

Kay’s workshop and book will allow you to test your knowledge, evaluate your choices, make confident decisions, and get organized.

  • Test your knowledge with Kay’s pre-quizzes
  • Assess your needs and research solutions with helpful worksheets
  • Confidently approach legal professionals and keep costs down
  • Explore insurance options to ensure adequate coverage
  • Evaluate and record your wishes in case of a medical emergency
  • Share your wishes with loved ones
  • Create your financial durable power of attorney
  • Document your medical information, contacts and so much more!

Planning, Preparing and Peace is educational, fun and motivational. Guaranteed! Ask a friend or family member to join you and register for the workshop today. Each workshop registration includes one copy of Kay’s full-colored and interactive book. You can also purchase the book separately from the workshop. Either way, you’ll be better protected after following Kay’s simple 9-Step program.

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Kay’s easy-to-follow worksheets help you get organized and STAY organized. Discover how simple it is to protect yourself and your loved ones. Learn more about Kay's Planning,Preparing and Peace worksheets.

Kay is also available to assist with personalized services such as 1:1 consulting and assistance with organizing critical documents. Contact us for more information.