9 Steps in Planning and Preparing

1. Confidently choose the right estate lawyer for your needs with Kay’s Six Easy Steps to Finding The Right Estate Lawyer for You.

2.Work with your estate lawyer to create your will, and keep it updated.

3. Work with your estate lawyer to create medically related legal documents, such as your living will and medical durable power of attorney.

4. Work with your estate lawyer to create your financial durable power of attorney.

5. Review your health, life and long-term care insurance to ensure adequate, affordable insurance coverage that will best protect you and your loved ones.

6. Document your medical information, using Kay’s worksheets, to ensure you receive the best medical care possible.

7. Put it all together at home by organizing essential documents and worksheets for easy access and use.

8. Communicate your medical and financial wishes to your loved ones, agents and executor.

9. Complete an annual review of your documents and worksheets, updating any changes that occurred during the year.

Kay's personal experience helped her formulate her 9-Step Planning, Preparing and Peace program, which is explained in simple and easy to follow language in her book and workshops.

Take a minute and see what steps you may already have completed and what steps you may still need to complete.

Then order Kay's book or see if there is a workshop near you that you can attend. If there isn't a workshop near you, contact Kay to talk about organizing one near you.