Kay’s Planning, Preparing and Peace is All About…

feeling confident about protecting yourself and your loved ones should a medical emergency occur. It’s also about getting back to living as quickly as possible after a medical emergency.

We all get busy and can easily fail to adequately protect ourselves and our loved ones by not making sure we have our will and other legal documents in order. In addition, we may not properly research insurance policies and may very well have the wrong health or life insurance for our needs.

There is no one to blame when something unexpected happens and we are not properly prepared. We are all doing our very best and that is usually a lot.

However, we can take time out of our busy lives to plan and prepare our will and other legal documents. We can also make time to complete simple, but thorough, worksheets listing our medications and who should be contacted in an emergency. And we can communicate our wishes to our loved ones and care providers so that should something happen to us, everyone knows what to do.

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Because it really is about getting back to living as quickly as possible!

Kay's Planning, Preparing and Peace program includes a book, easy-to-complete worksheets, workshops, presentations, and personalized one-on-one help. Learn more about these offerings!