Kay Diller’s Biography

Kay Diller received her law degree from Lewis & Clark Law School, Portland, Oregon, and her CPA certification. Kay worked as a CPA/lawyer for many years after law school doing corporate taxes for Fortune 50 companies. She has worked in the high technology industry for the last ten years.

Her own experience with her mother’s illness and death provided the inspiration for Planning, Preparing and Peace.

Kay lives in Colorado with her two daughters, five cats, two dogs, and one fish.

Join Kay in a workshop, presentation, or work one-on-one with Kay. You can also choose to purchase her book and worksheets and complete the program at home. Whatever your choice, you’ll enjoy the relaxed and enjoyable manner in which Kay tackles one of life’s hardest tasks: To plan and prepare now to gain peace of mind should a medical emergency happen.

Don’t wait. Do it today. You’ll be glad you did.

Even with Kay's education, she did not know what was needed during a medical emergency until it happened to her family. It was only during this experience that Kay learned how important it was that she become prepared in order to best protect her two children.

Don't wait for an emergency to happen to learn what is needed. Follow Kay's simple and easy to understand steps now so that you and your loved ones are protected to the best of your ability should a medical emergency occur.