Frequently Asked Questions

1. Nothing is going to happen to me. Why should I attend Kay’s workshop or buy her book and worksheets?

Accidents and medical emergencies happen every day to wonderful, everyday people, just like you. All you have to do is visit a hospital Emergency Room to understand how many people are impacted each day, with most of them being unprepared for the legal documents, insurance, and medical information that are required during a medical emergency. Kay and her family were unprepared for her mother’s medical emergency, which caused numerous additional problems and stress for them. Get prepared by attending a workshop or purchasing Kay’s book, and by completing the worksheets included in Kay’s program.

2. Can I complete just the worksheets without attending the workshop?

Yes, you can. However, rather than buying worksheets that are never filled in, join Kay in one of her workshops or purchase her book and work through the program at home to understand why the worksheets are important, how wills work, what medical declarations are, how to interview lawyers and insurance representatives, how to select the people who will help you during a medical emergency (agents), and so much more!

3. Can I purchase the book without attending the workshop?

Most definitely! Purchase your copy now! The book is available on Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble and thousands other on-line book stores. Fun quizzes, worksheets, simple to follow and understand processes, and more are included in Planning, Preparing and Peace.

4. Does Kay’s book allow me to write a will myself and the other legal documents, such as medical declarations?

No, it does not. Kay created Planning, Preparing and Peace to help you locate professionals, get organized and be prepared in case of a medical emergency, which is different than the other legal self-help books currently available. Trust the experts and work with Kay to learn how to select ones that can best serve your needs and budget.

5. Does Kay offer one-on-one counseling? I could use her help getting organized at home!

Yes, Kay does offer personalized assistance in the Denver/Boulder area. Contact Kay for more information.

6. Are workshops offered outside of the Denver/Boulder area?

Yes, they are. Contact Kay for more information.

7. Does Kay offer special workshops for groups?

Yes, Kay is available for group workshops, in addition to her regular workshops. Contact Kay for more information.

8. Can I buy just one or two worksheets at a time?

You will be able to purchase individual worksheets in the future, however, they are currently not available individually.

If you have questions that are not on this page, please contact us and let us know. We are here to assist you and to answer questions to the best of our ability.

Please be aware that we cannot offer legal, financial, insurance or other professional advice. Should you have these types of questions, please follow Kay's guidelines in Planning, Preparing and Peace to help you find the right professionals to help you!