Kay’s Personalized Services

Kay Diller is available to assist you or a loved one with the following services:

1. Help you locate an estate lawyer that works for you and your budget with Kay’s 6-Steps to Finding the Right Estate Lawyer for You.

2. Put you in contact with professionals who are knowledgeable on current Medicare and Medicaid laws, insurance, hospice, and other areas of assistance you may need.

3. Tour residential homes with you and work with the care providers to ensure a smooth transition for you or your loved one.

4. Organize medical and other essential documents to ensure proper medical treatment, especially upon transition to a new residential home.

5. Organize paperwork, bills, and miscellaneous paperwork for you or your loved ones.

6. Organize and manage estate sales.

7. Assist with the sale of a loved one’s home for out-of-state family members.

8. Other related services, as needed.

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Kay currently is available to assist families in the greater Denver/Boulder area.

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