Kay’s book, Planning, Preparing and Peace, is so much more than a regular book you read on an airplane. For me, it is a text book on how to get prepared for something that I hope will never happen to myself or my wife. I know I will refer to it throughout my life, even after I have finished the program. The book is very easy to read and kept my interest with the pre-quizzes and informative charts and tables. I highly recommend it for those of us who could not attend Kay’s workshop.”

Carl M., Boulder, Colorado

Kay was there for me when my father was dying of prostate cancer. He was a fighter, and I followed his lead — never allowing myself to contemplate the inevitable. Kay helped me realize that Dad and I were both in denial and that I needed to be strong for both of us.  With her guidance, I followed a process that helped me be less stressed and more “in the moment” throughout the stages of my Dad’s decline. Initially, he resisted all efforts to plan for his medical and financial power of attorney and to make a will. It wasn’t until I created the same documents for myself first, that Dad realized it made good sense. Once the critical documents were in place, he was able to relax and I was able to ask for, and receive, greater accountability from his medical team. In sum, having a process to follow gave me the confidence that I was doing the right things for my Dad and more energy to spend quality time with him.  I will always be grateful to Kay for this gift.

Joan P., Lafayette, Colorado

Kay came to me when my husband’s cancer became terminal. She provided an invaluable service to me by explaining all the documents we needed to have in order to prepare for his death. She referred us to all the right people and not only set up the meetings, but attended them with us as well. I could visibly see the burden lift from my husband’s shoulders when Kay said he had his affairs in order and he would leave his wife and children financially secure. Kay facilitated the closure that he needed to die peacefully.

Joni H., Broomfield, Colorado

“I am newly divorced and did not know where to start on making sure my assets were protected, along with my children, should something happen to me. Kay’s program was exactly what I needed. I found an estate lawyer I could afford and who had my best interests in mind. I worked through who my agents and caregivers will be during a medical emergency. I researched and changed my life insurance so that my children are better protected now. I owe all of this new found peace to Kay Diller and her Planning, Preparing and Peace program. Thank you, Kay!”

Debra W., Superior, Colorado

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